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The 3 P’s Of Success

I am at Miki D’s having my morning coffee.  I have been working with a guru to help take my business to the next level as I have created a new membership site for guys who just want to get a girlfriend and I need help learning how to get this site and what I am offering into the market that can afford it and need it.


This video really sunk home for me and I will use it if I can get his permission during my bonus month for my new site.


My new site is packed with 3 months of hard daily work.  I’ve packed ALL of my products  into daily lessons for my new site and membership is set at $297.00 for the 3 month program which includes Jovina’s dress consultation which I am raising this week to either $25.00 or $50.00 depending on my mentors advice.


My new site will be complete.  A individual training program for EACH client.  Not member but client.  Not a customer but a client just as I would if I were face to face, which I will also be doing a lot of video consultations on a weekly basis with each client.


But I digress and after you watch this video you can see why I am so excited about my prospects.  I’ve quit doing offline marketing and everything else to focus on this big project.