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How To Dress For Men: Dressing Like A Man

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How To Dress For Men: Dressing Like A Man

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Here is more advice on How to dress for men based on my years of experience and giving dressing  tips to men.

There are three how to dress for men categories of clothing.

How to dress for men category 1

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How To Dress For Men Categories Of Stupidity

How to dress for men: category 1

1. the first category of (how to dress for men) clothing most people have is all the comfortable and raggedy jeans and tee shirts that you wear over and over at home to clean house, garden, work on your car or just lounge around in. This category of clothing should not be worn to public places they are not fit to be seen by potential dates.

How to dress for men category 2

2.The second (how to dress for men) category of clothing that we here at the how to dress for men site like to call casual running around clothing is the clothes that you can wear to run errands. For example going to the store, visiting your parents or a friend they should always be clean and presentable enough to be seen by the general public  especially the eligible women that you may come across  in the course of your daily life.

How to dress for men category 3

3. Finally how to dress for men strongly suggests that you have several articles of clothing that are considered dressy enough to wear on a date say to the movies, dancing,a party and even to a more formal occasion such as a wedding or to dinner at a nice restaurant. This category of clothing should be more up scale and geared to attract women. Remember women are very observant they notice everything down to the shoes and watch that you are wearing so keep it simple and classy. I want to teach you the secrets of how to dress for men so that you can catch their eye!

How to dress for men: biggest mistake

One of the biggest mistakes men make when dressing to leave the house is to put on  what is comfortable verses what ‘s appropriate for the occasion.  How to dress for men suggests that you keep the three categories of clothing separate. In other word clothing you wear at home should not be worn to go out not even if your just going to the store. After all this could be the time that you just happen to  run into that young  lady that you have been wanting to ask on a date.   Also please don’t wear your nicer clothing to work on the car or lawn mower even if it’s just a quick adjustment.   You could get an oil stain on your best dress shirt that will not come out. Not good for students here at how to dress for men.

How to dress for men has a list of basic articles of clothing that every man should have in his closet:

  • 1 suit in black or navy blue
  • A leather Jacket or a pea coat
  • 1 pair of khakis
  • 1 pair of dark gray trousers
  • 2 pair of jeans preferably a dark wash
  • 4 dress button down shirts preferably long sleeves
  • 2 or 3 tee shirts solid colors no logos or messages on them
  • 3 or 4 ties
  • 1 pair of black dress shoes
  • 1 or 2 pair of casual shoes black and brown

These articles of clothing and shoes are interchangeable so you can wear all the shirts with any pair of pants or jacket.  This will make several different outfits and you won’t look the each time.   As time goes buy some pieces of clothing start to get worn so you will need to replace these articles every now and then.   How to dress for men also suggests that you add more shirts or a pair of shoes when at all possible.   This will build even a bigger wardrobe if you so desire.

I realize that some men don’t care to wear accessories so if your not comfortable with wearing a chain or bracelet or even a ring don’t.  Here at how to dress for men we want you to feel comfortable with yourself maybe you will think about wearing a watch now and then.   That’s always a simple and easy piece to wear and it makes you look professional and put together.

How to dress for men is very aware that a lot of single men tend to be on tight budgets I completely understand wear your coming from.   I realize times are though right now so shopping may not be a priority. Here at  how to dress for men I suggest looking for good sales yes sales believe it or not Stores like JCPennys and Macys have great sales on a regular basis so keep your eyes open.  Make a habit of looking at the news paper sales adds after you read the sports section also how to dress for men is a big fan of online shopping not only will you find great deals you will also save a trip to the mall .  It’s a win, win situation you can’t beat that.  Don’t feel pressured to buy everything at once slowly work your way to a complete and impressive wardrobe that will be sure to impress any single attractive women.

As a woman I know what women look at and one of the things women look at  is the way clothes fit.  The length of your pants is always a big deal.The length of jacket and shirt sleeves  are also very important.  At how to dress for men I will discuss proper fit of clothing as much as every other aspect of fashion.  Sagging pants and shirts that are way to big or way to tight and small are differently a huge NO NO!  Some articles of clothes hardly ever come ready to wear.  For example blazers,  jackets and pants hardly ever fit perfectly in the length so there will be occasions when you will need to have things tailored to fit properly.  Here at how to dress for men I recommend you have things tailored at the cleaners find shop around until you find one that is reasonable.   At how to dress for men I also suggest you check with the store were you purchase your clothes they sometimes offer inexpensive or even free of charge alterations when you purchase from there store.

At how to dress for men I understand the struggles men go through when it comes to shopping and putting outfits together so my goal is to make it as painless as humanly possible.  Let me know how I can make your shopping experience more enjoyable and easier. I truly want you to learn how to dress for men style and be successful!

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