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How to dress for men: Men are learning how to dress


how to dress for men

How To Dress For Men

How to dress for men. Fashion at one time was exclusively the world of women who followed the rules of fashion very strictly.

Then along came the so-called Metrosexual man who at that time were the few males who tried to keep up with the latest in fashion trends.

Well times are now different.  And us women are very thankful for this new change that is occurring.  We are so glad that men are learning the secrets of How to dress for men.

You see, lately smart men are now paying attention to fashion and looking at the latest in clothing and trends that are popular.

To my surprise they have even started to understand that how to dress for men is about learning how to attract a woman’s eye and it is more than just throwing on some rags or clothes.

These new attractive men have learned that fashion is really about style and class.  They are getting that us women are attracted to color and how it matches your own skin tones, eye and hair color.  When done properly a average man becomes a good looking man who kind of pop’s when he walks into a room.

The more men have begun understanding how to dress for men, the more they go out and purchase better looking and fitting clothes that make them stand out from a crowd of other guys.

Even though the average guy is not going to spend a lot of time posing in front of a mirror, they are spending more time picking out clothes that looks good on them.

As that old zz-top song stated: Women love a sharp dressed man.  Let me say this for all of the women of the world that we don’t like men who dress in shabby clothes.

It really is important to look like you belong in this century guys.

This applies to if your going out to a party, or doing a function at work, the rules of proper fashion do apply.
It does not matter if your living in a large city or rural are, learning how to dress for men is vitally important to your dating life.

You must understand that it is important to dress well when your out and about.  You never know whom you might run into if you know what I mean.

For the urban guy there are urban clothing lines that work well for those guys who have a different type of taste.  You just have to learn how to put it all together.

If your planning on hanging out with your buddies then a casual style would work well consisting of dark wash jeans and a casual shirt such as a polo shirt.

But if your going on a first date you may want to dress to impress and show your potential love interest that you do know how to dress for men and that you do have some style and class.  I am not saying show up in a suit but a upscale casual outfit would be best.

You would be surprised how few guys do take this important fact too lightly.

Most men think that baggy jeans and over sized t-shirts are still the in thing.  I am sorry guys but they went out in the early 2000’s.

We us styling experts talk about loose clothing we did not mean for you to go over the top and look like a cartoon character or a little boy wearing his fathers hand me downs.

You can learn how to dress for men by buying clothing that is loose in a size that is comfortable but you no longer want that huge jean baggy grunge look if your trying to attract a woman’s eye.
I also do not recommend sneakers.  Instead black shoes are the thing to wear.  Whether with dark wash jeans or khaki’s you can’t go wrong with black dress type shoes or even a heavier lugz type of shoe.

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