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How to dress for men: dos and don’ts of dressing 1

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Here I have some photos of what I call the do’s of fashion let’s start with the model on the left in large scale.  It’s obvious that he is a model  but any one  can dress like him as long as you pay attention to details, and the details are simple.  Basically he is paying attention to the fit of his garments the pants fit just right and the length is perfect .  He’s not wearing a belt so if you have the problem of your pants falling of your hips you should wear a simple black belt or if your a younger man you can get away with wearing a big trendy buckle.  He is wearing a lite blue denim shirt and yes it works mixing the two denims because the shirt is a very light weight fabric and also a different color.  The shoes give this outfit a dressier vibe which is perfect for a down scale club or a casual date.  He’s keeping it simple but you may add a nice watch if you’d like it shows that you know how to put your self together.  The next young man in the burgundy scarf is going for the dressy bad boy look his shoes are not as dressy as I would recommend but it’s working for him because he’s a bad boy of course.  Be careful with the scarf it looks good on him because he just lets it fall in front of his blazer on either side do not tie it or rap it around you neck that can make it look to feminine. The colors he is wearing work real well with his skin tone and hair color just because the scarf is burgundy and the shirt is purple does not make it wrong as the matter of fact the colors complement each other very well.  He is very well put together and the garments fit just right.  Now the young man to the right of the page is also very well pulled together he is keeping his color pallet on the darker side but it looks great on his skin tone and hair color again the garments fit perfectly and he look ready for a night of dancing or even a dinner date with someone special.  Remember that how you dress can make or break your dating life.

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