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Breakdown of dress codes

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Breakdown of dress codes

1. Black tie or formal dressing

This category is to be worn to a formal Event mostly in the evening the proper attire must include a Tux or Dark suite and a black Tie also black dress shoes.

2. Semi formal or Upscale dressing

This category is to be worn to a wedding, nice restaurant or even an upscale night club. this attire must include slacks and a jacket tie is not always necessary preferably a button down long sleeved shirt or a high quality Tee shirt with no logos or messages. A nice leather jacket will also be suitable and no sneakers must be dressier style shoe.

3. Casual or laid back dressing

This category is much more flexible and can be worn on a date to the movies, casual dinner, get together with friends so many more occasions. This attire may include a nice fitting pair of jeans or khaki’s with a nice shirt preferably with no logos or messages and of course a comfortable pair of shoes not necessarily sneakers.

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