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How To Dress For Men

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How To Dress For Men: 4 Basic Grooming Tips

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Welcome to How To Dress For Men. So you want to learn how to dress for men?  Well If your like most men you have probably heard that clothes make the man right? Well guess what?  Us women have been trained since we were little girls that clothes do indeed make the man.  Having seen how men show up on dates or at night clubs I must say that most men do indeed need to learn how to dress.

I have been helping guys on sites in the dating community and it is a shame that so many still do not listen when it comes to how to dress for men advice.

How To Dress For Men: Why Men Fail

I’ve learned that when it comes to information or help on how to dress for men most men are:

1. How to dress for men failure: Too cheap.  They will buy expensive xbox games but will not invest in anything dealing with how to dress for men.

2. How to dress for men failure 2; too clueless.  Sadly men actually think that women don’t care that much about how a man dresses. That is why I created this site how to dress for men. We do care. In fact we reject a lot of men because they are lacking in the how to dress for men department. Sorry guys. It is the way we are raised which a lot of you guys just don’t get.

3. How to dress for men failure 3; don’t care. Most guys when it comes to subjects like how to dress for men they simply don’t care. Women don’t want to be seen with a man that looks like a hot mess. We think its a turn off! You need to step it up if you want to capture  a woman’s attention.

Men need to realize that women appreciate a well dressed man in a crowded room the better dressed men are the ones that women will set there eyes upon first . A mans ability to dress well tells us that he cares about himself , also it makes him a better candidate for the dating seen.

Just think of it this way knowing how to dress for men and dressing well gets you lots of dates , dressing drab and sloppy gets you no dates!  Get the picture. So if you really want to increase your score record with us women then this site How To Dress For Men is where you need to be to help up your ante. Especially if your not super good looking. You need to level the playing field against your better looking competition for our attention.

How to dress for men will help take the struggle out of finding the right outfit to wear on a date to the movies , going dancing or just meeting a women for a cup of coffee. For those of you who are cheap the key is to buy  basic pieces that will work well together and that are interchangeable with just about every thing in your closet. looking put together is easier than you think.

Now lets talk about grooming of course a shower is  a given, but there are 4 more thing that surprisingly some men ignore.

How To Dress For Men: 4 Grooming Tips

How to dress for men…it’s about the eyes

1. eye brows if you have a uni-brow,or a lot of stray eyebrow hairs you can do one of two things pluck or wax . I know it sounds painful or even girly just get over it and take like a woman Ha Ha Ha! sorry no really it will make your face look clean so go to a pro and get them done.

How to dress for men…hair

2.Your hair can be one of the most important accessories so keep it neatly cut and styled to suite your face and lifestyle. Here at how to dress for men i always suggest men go to a hair salon instead of a barber shop, because at a salon the stylists are very good about giving advise on what style works with your face shape and also how to work with your style.

How to dress for men..facial hair

3.Facial hair can be a very attractive look on some men, but pay attention to keep it trimmed and looking tidy otherwise you can risk looking like a bum. Also make sure the look suites you first.

4.Last but not least is your fingernails and toe nails the two go hand in hand no pun intended seriously keep your fingernails trimmed and clean. If you get lucky and land a woman in bed its a good idea to have trimmed and short toenails so you dont cut her leggs up she will thank you for the effort.

How To Dress For Men: Summary

So in closing i have covered the importance of dressing to get a woman’s attention. Never under estimate the power off dressing well it can make you or brake you when it comes to the dating seen.
Remember how to dress for men is not about loosing your identity by dressing in a different way it’s about enhancing your looks to get more female attention.

I also need to stress the importance of the grooming tips that were covered in this article. Looking good is not just about dressing well or grooming it’s also about feeling good about yourself. Make a habit of boosting your confidence by thinking positively. Remember how to dress for men can help you with your outer appearance, but you must also work on your inner self in order to be a success with women.

How to dress for men should be a life changing experience in a positive not negative way. Make the decision to do this for your self and start a new chapter in your life today.

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